Personal Getaways in Ozarks, Arkansas

Tributary offers free or low-cost personal getaways to approved singles, couples, and families who live and serve cross-culturally, as pastors and church planters or work to support those who do.

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We know that home leave and furlough should be relaxing and restorative. Sometimes it isn’t.

Sleeping on couches or in guest rooms, speaking at supporting churches, visiting extended family, miles and miles on the road, and all the many challenges experienced during this season can leave you stressed and exhausted. Let us generously welcome you to one of our 7 individual family cabins on 175 acres in the scenic splendor of the Buffalo River region in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas. After living all over the world ourselves, we love to share the peacefulness of Tributary with other Harvest workers. Forget your budget restraints and allow us to bless you with an unforgettable restful experience.

What’s Available At Your Personal Getaway

Choose from our “Menu” of options catered to your needs and wants for the season you are currently in.

Rest, Recreation, and Reflection.

Along with simply resting in His presence and magnificent creation, the grounds and surrounding area of Tributary give our Personal Getaway guests access to an unlimited variety of outdoor activities such as canoeing, swimming, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, climbing, and much more.


Debriefing is designed to create a safe, structured place in a guest’s life for them to tell their story, identify how their experiences may have impacted them, look at how they are responding to the situation daily, and discover new perspectives as they respond to Jesus.


Coaching provides our guests with an opportunity to identify areas of their life and ministry that they would like to enhance or change. Initially, we help them review and sort through where they have been, where they are, and where they’d like to go. It builds awareness, empowers choice, and leads to change. It is driven by the guest as they determine what areas of their life, ministry, leadership, relationships, finances, physical health, etc., they want to grow in.

Prayer & Encouragement

Sometimes simply being available to listen from a place of our own understanding and shared life experiences on the field, being able to say “I understand,” and helping lift up our brothers and sisters in the Harvest is enough to make all the difference.

Through these four areas of soul care, we see great commission workers return to their field of service with the blessing and tools to Stay Healthy, Be Fruitful, and Fulfill Their Calling.

In addition to Tributary, Field Life offers personal getaways at our Southeast Asia retreat space

Hear what global workers are saying:

We’ve really needed this uninterrupted period of time at Tributary….to reflect on who God is and all He has brought us through during our last term overseas. He faithfully showed us all the many times, events, and situations we could praise Him for.
After many weeks of Stateside travel business, our time at Tributary, away from the noise of life, to spend time together in such a beautiful place has been a gift our family will never forget.