At Field Life, we believe the Gospel is worth the sacrifices ministry workers make.

We also believe it’s possible to grow in personal and ministry vibrance with each passing year. We know because we are global workers ourselves.

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We understand the risk and reward of this calling because we’ve lived it.

Combined, our team has been privileged to weather life on the mission field for more than 30 years. We know first hand the joys and adventure as well as the struggles and sorrow that accompany our response to God’s invitation to join him in redeeming worship all over the world.

At each critical juncture, we’ve received the necessary assistance to remember our calling, get refreshed, and be refueled for the journey ahead.

We believe other Christian cross-cultural workers deserve that same support.

That’s why we created Field Life.

Meet Our Hosts

MacGregor + Ashley

MacGregor + Ashley

MacGregor and Ashley spent more than fourteen years living and working cross-culturally in Africa and Asia. They’ve served in numerous capacities, including multinational relief work and operational leadership in global mission organizations. They have raised and launched their three children from the mission field and coached countless other to transition to successful cross-cultural living.

They are trained in the Le Rucher “Exchange at the Cross” debriefing model. Additionally, Ashley carries certifications in Marriage Assessment and Transitional Debriefing. MacGregor is certified in Creative Results Management Coaching Mastery, Christian Life Coaching, Personal Financial Coaching, Support Raising Coaching, and Cross-Cultural Assessment.

They currently serve out of the Tributary Field Life Retreat Center in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

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Tributary Retreat and Training Center

Field Life and Tributary Retreat and Training Center are registered U.S. non-profit 501(c)(3) for the purpose of providing soul care to Christian missionaries, pastors, and leaders. We are non-denominational as an organization and serve global workers of sending organizations and churches that align with the Lausanne Covenant. We invite volunteers to assist with maintenance and construction projects – contact us with questions or interest.

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