76% of Global Missionaries Leave The Field Early For Preventable Reasons

We help cross-cultural workers stay healthy and effective so they can fulfill their calling.

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Why do missionaries leave the field?


Family struggles

Children’s adjustment, schooling, marriage, crisis

Team Challenges

Misalignment, unresolved conflict, comparison, poor leadership

Physical Health

Sickness, serious injury, poor healthcare options, physical fitness or nutrition


Mission Confusion

Unclear strategy, limited success, disconnect with calling

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, feelings of uselessness/inadequacy, limited access to counseling


Not fully funded, inability to prepare for future, limited access to donors

By partnering with Field Life, you play a critical role in revealing the Gospel around the world.

Most global workers don’t have the relevant and ongoing care they need to ensure lasting impact on the field. We’re committed to serving them with neutral encouragement, coaching, and training for long term success.

That’s where you come in: by sharing the resources given to you, you help complete the mission given to them.

Field Life supports global workers

Take a Personal Getaway

Whether you need a space to rest or to process your current season of life and ministry, we can help you with a personalized getaway to reflect and recharge.

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Get Debriefed

Regular debriefing is not just for reentry but a healthy part of service on the field. Process your last term or season with someone who understands.

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Get Relevant Coaching

Through coaching conversations, we can explore individualized areas you would like to assess and/or make targeted action plans for.

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You can join in our support of missionaries all around the world.

We invite you to be a critical part of God’s work globally and make a lasting impact by partnering with Field Life.

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